FYI – Toilets Should Not Flush Into Your Bathtub

I did a home inspection on a house built in 1948. After flushing the guest bath toilet about 8 to 10 times, the water began backing up into the guest bathtub. (Watch the video here.) This home had cast iron plumbing which is not unusual for the age of the home. Cast iron plumbing can close up over time, (Like our arteries – yay!) tree roots can clog the pipes or they can rust through over time. None of these scenarios are good ones. Turns out in this particular home, it was a rag that had apparently been flushed down the toilet and lodged itself in the drain plumbing just past the bathtub. This caused the water to back up into the tub. This was a relatively easy fix, but still cost around $575.00 to repair – typically paid for by the seller if this is found during the home inspection. As a licensed home inspector, I have learned over the years to flush the toilets multiple times during my inspections for this very reason – especially on older homes. This is a perfect example of why I highly recommend getting a Home Inspection when you purchase your new home!