Must Have Tools for Every Homeowner!

One of the most common questions that I am asked from prospective buyers during a Home Inspection is what are the most important tools to have on hand for general repairs and projects when purchasing a new home. I always tell them the ones that I feel are most important and then throw in a few tools that would be nice to have on hand at some point in the future.

The following are the tools that I feel every homeowner should think about having available for everyday repairs and projects. I will more than likely add to this list as I run into different projects around my own home. And feel free to tell me any tools I have missed! Please email me and I’ll add your suggestions to the list!

The prices I have listed are for “economy” priced tools. Most of these would work just fine but please know that you will find a wide variety of prices for each tool.

The Inspector’s Must have Tools:

A Decent Set of Screwdrivers. Probably one of the most used tools in your house. You can find a decent set which includes both Phillips and Standard in different sizes. Don’t get the cheapest – you want comfortable grips to avoid blisters. $15.00 on up.
A Hammer.
There is a good chance you will be hanging a picture or two and you will need a hammer to accomplish this. $15.00 on up.
Pliers. Loose shower head? Need to hold a nut on the inside of a drawer or cupboard door while you tighten a handle? Pliers are your friend! Regular square top pliers and needle nose pliers will come in handy for a variety of projects! $15.00 on up.
Crescent Wrench. This handy tool is the equivalent of several different sized wrenches in one. Is your outside faucet dripping at the packing nut? This wrench should take care of the problem! $8.00 on up.
A Ladder.
Need to change a light bulb? Clean those ceiling fans and fixtures? Hang the curtains or blinds? You will need a ladder. A 6′ tall ladder is a good general purpose size to have on hand. Aluminum ladders are lighter than wooden ladders. Don’t skimp on this – buy a good quality ladder. We’re talking about your safety here. $50.00 on up.
Seriously! Get some paper towels and go to each door in your house. Spray the WD-40 into the doorknob hardware mechanisms and on the hinges. Clean the excess with the paper towel. Your doors will work like new. Use it on cupboard hardware as well. Use it to clean sticky label residue from items. It’s good stuff! Get two cans, you’ll use it!
A Tape Measure.
Will the couch fit in the living room? Want that picture centered on the bedroom wall? You will need a tape measure to make your life easier. A 25′ tape will work just fine.
$10.00 on up.
A Plunger.
‘Nuff said.
A Stud Finder.
If you plan on hanging heavy pictures or mirrors, a stud finder sure comes in handy!
$10.00 on up.
A Level
Hanging a curtain rod, shelves or
a picture? A level will help make your
work look professional!
$10.00 on up.
Duct Tape.
Pick up a roll or two to have on hand. You’ll need it.
Trust me.
Cordless Drill.
When the time is right you owe it to yourself to invest in a decent cordless drill. These are awfully handy when it comes to drilling holes or putting lots of screws in something. (Assembling that entertainment center for example?)
$30.00 on up.
A Saw.
Always a good idea to have on hand. You can find “Combo Packs” that allow you to use different types of blades for different applications – wood, metal etc.
$15.00 on up.
A 2 x 4.
Or several. Scrap wood comes in handy! Need to raise those nick-nacks you are putting on top of the kitchen cupboards? Hello? 2×4! Besides, you need something to cut with your shiny new saw! $4.00
Demo Hammer
Probably the single best tool I ever bought! You need this if A) You plant all of your own trees and shrubs and B) you have soil that is a tough as concrete to dig through. This electric jackhammer will blast through the toughest clay in literally seconds! Get the Scoop Shovel Spade Bit for enjoyable hole digging! Search Demolition Hammer on Amazon.
$189.00 with spade bit.